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The Yule Brothers Release New Single
"Gone Away Buffalo" on July 8th

Gone Away Buffalo - Album-01.png

July 8 2021 (Vancouver, BC) - Indie-rockers the Yule Brothers, formerly known as The Statistics, are have released an emotionally intimate new single "Gone Away Buffalo".

The song is a sweeping, string-quartet and guitar driven ballad about endings and beginnings. "In the year before I wrote 'Gone Away Buffalo,' " says lead singer and songwriter Darby Yule, "I went through a tremendous amount of loss. I kept struggling with trying to deal with endings and how nothing would ever be the same again. Eventually it occurred to me that for every end there was a new beginning and nothing ended, it just changed. That realization became the driving force behind this song." 

The Yule Brothers been making music for the past seven years with a unique alternative, anthemic style of singer-songwriter Indie Rock. 

Their new single 'Gone Away Buffalo,' due out on July 8 from an upcoming album to be released in the fall, was created when the brothers went back into the studio in the summer of 2020 after having to cancel a cross-Canada and their first European tour. That’s when Darby and Erin decided to keep moving forward and officially changed their name from The Statistics to The Yule Brothers. They also teamed up with Creative BC and did a virtual tour of all of many venues that had been hit so hard in the pandemic. 

Now based in Vancouver, the brothers had been on the road touring since starting out in Prince George. They released their first EP Haunts to a sold-out crowd in a church basement and then started expanding out of Prince George playing roadshows such as Cranworx in Whistler, The Railway Club in Vancouver, Tavern on Whyte in Edmonton, as well as opening for bands such as Bend Sinister, Birds of Bellwoods, Kingsfoil and Illscarlett.

In November 2016, they released their country-inspired single 'Old Habits feat. Amy Kirkpatrick' to a full house at the Prince George Playhouse Theatre.

The same year they were also nominated for "Best Out of Province Act" at the Toronto Independent Music Awards. They finished the year with placing in Semi-Finals at Indie Week Toronto's "Best in Fest" award.

In spring 2017, The Yule Brothers went back into the studio to start recording The Robson Street Hymns. Produced by Elisa Pangsaeng and themselves, the album featured an all-star lineup of members from Said the Whale, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Colin James and Wide Mouth Mason.

Last year the Yule Brothers returned to the studio, with the idea to record only with people as passionate about music as they were. They hired producer Karl DiCaire as well as wide range of  their friends to make music in the way it's supposed to be made: in rooms full of laughter and with people you care about.

The result is the upcoming single 'Gone Away Buffalo' and a new album due out in the fall of 2021 on Apple Music or Spotify.

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